Includes chapters by: Scott Shikora, Kelvin Higa, Ninh Nguyen, Francesco Rubino, Alan Saber,
Karl Miller, Aniceto Baltasar, Raul Rosenthal, Nicola Scopinaro, Ken Champion, John Melissas, George Fielding,
Cynthia Buffington, Giovanni Dapri, Alfons Pomp, Sven Gustavssen, Dan Jones, Stephanie Jones, Gema Fruhbeck,
Felipe de la Cruz Vigo, Aureo DePaula, Gisele Hamad, Ronette Kolotkin, Neil Hutcher, Dan Herron, Michel Suter,
Carlos Ballesta, David Sarwer, John Morton, Jean-Marc Chevallier, Vincent Frering, Jay Brodsky, Andrew Gumbs,
Jose Sallet, Roger de la Torre, Stephen Scott, Magnus Sundbom, Miguel Herrera, Jan Greve, Zobair Younossi, James
Toouli, Arthur Garrido Jr, Ahmed R. Ahmed, Álvaro Larrad, Nicolas Christou, Santiago Horgan, Joel Faintuch, João
Ettinger, Carel le Roux, Anthony Fabricatore, Carlos Grilo, Wayne Overby, Sergio Huerta, Victor Garcia, Amir Mehran,
Harry Lemmens, Daniel Cottam, Jim Sapala, Keith Kim, Donald Bernstein, Robert O’Rourke, Manish Parikh, Richard
Savel, Carlos Serra, Steven Walfish, Franck Zinzindohoué, David Tichansky, William O’Malley, Frank Claessens,
and 150 more experts.

Contents include: the multiple current laparoscopic techniques, SILS, NOTES, gastric bandings and adjustments,
the various gastric bypass techniques and complications of leak, bleeding, internal hernias, strictures, ulcers,
dumping, dilatation. Banded bypass, mini-bypass, BPDs, duodenal switch and sleeve gastrectomies, staged
procedures, fistulas, rhabdomyolysis, balloons, VBloc, reflux, gallstones, adolescent bariatric surgery, plastic surgery.
Anesthesia, respiratory and intensive care, thromboembolism, IVC filters. Surgery for diabetes and metabolic syndrome, ghrelin, leptin, adipokynes, GLP-1, PYY. Ideal weight determination. Obstructive sleep apnea.
Psychological evaluation, QoL, eating disorders. Patient management and support, vitamin/mineral supplementation
after the operations, pregnancy, cancer, preop weight loss, H. pylori, adipose tissue, orthopedic considerations.
Malpractice claims. Centers of Excellence.

Back Cover: Clinically severe or “morbid” obesity (i.e. obesity associated
with progressive, serious, debilitating disease) is resistant to conservative
treatment and is increasing at an alarming rate!

“New techniques, new procedures, less invasive access, and better
perioperative management have not only transformed the field, but also
reinvigorated it in the process. .... Thus, the mission of the editors of this
book, Handbook of Obesity Surgery, is to produce a book that represents the
current and future state of the specialty of bariatric surgery. This book
covers all of the key components.  The authors were specifically selected
for their expertise in their assigned topics.”
From the Preface by Scott A. Shikora

In 74 chapters, more than 200 world experts provide and illustrate the
current practical knowledge needed by the bariatric surgeon and allied
health professionals to understand and manage the cutting-edge and
varied aspects of this disease.